7 Tips To Become Rich

Every humans dreams to get a good fame and to be rich. Fame in the sense not to become a star or prime minister, Being top in the field you work. To make all this happen you need to follow some rules..

Here are the 7 rules to follow to become rich

#1 . Every sunday when you are leaving your house eat betel leaves or keep those leaves in your pocket. By doing this you can complete the work you started, Do this every sunday.

#2 . Every monday when you are leaving your house go infront of the mirrior be positive and see your face in it.

#3 . Read Hanuman chalisa every tuesday and when you are going out sweeten your mouth.

#4 . Eat curry leaved & Spinach while leaving the home on wednesday .

#5 . Every Thursday while leaving the house take Cumin in your mouth dont swallow or chew just keep in your mount until you go out of your home.

#6 . Every friday Eat curd rice while you are going out.

#7 . Many of us know ginger is very good for health but many of us dont know that ginger is very good to attract luck. Every saturday mix ginger in ghee and consume it.