Easy Steps to Cure Diabetes

Diabetes Is One Of the Fast Growing Life Style Disorder That Can be Effectively Managed With Few Modifications Ando Eating A Healthy Diet. Characterised By High Sugar Levels In Blood, This Condition Affects the Body’s Ability To Either Produce Insulin Or To Use Insulin Effectively.

Home Remedies Can Work Wonders In Achieving the Task And Gives A Healthy Life After That.

Holy Basil Leaves:

Consume 2 To 3 Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaves Or One Table Spoon Of Its Juice On An Empty Stomach To Lower The Blood Sugar Levels.

Green Tea:

Steep A  Bag Of Green Tea In Hot Water for 2 To 3 Minutes. Remove The Bag And Drink A Cup Of This Tea In The Morning Or Before Your Meals.