Girls Like Those Type Of Guys

Many of you guys are probably wondering what girls like and may not like about you. Well, you have come across a wonderful, but truthful article. Now, most of this stuff is true because it’s coming from a girl’s perspective. From humor to looks, I’ve put down the most common but important things we ladies like and love about all you gentlemen.

#1 . Smile. Girls love quirky, smiling guys.

#2 . Girls like the funny guy. Why? Because we love humor

#3 . Be hygienic, wash your teeth, have a clean style, put on deodorant, and clip your nails

#4 . Make sure you smell good

#5 . Text us back. Don’t play the “I’m too good for you” game or the “Ha, she took long to reply, I’ll reply later” game. It really isn’t attractive (at all) and it’ll be wasting our time

So there you go. An entire article on attractive things about guys that most girls fall head over heels for. All of there things are true, whether some girls agree with all of them or some of them. Let me know in the comments below what you think is attractive about girls.